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How chic is this outfit? Kate Hudson knows how to put a modern twist on a vintage-inspired outfit. Here is a recreation of Kate Hudson's street style for much less.

Flare jeans

Rock some flare jeans to start your outfit off on the right foot. Go for a lighter wash — these jeans will keep your outfit casual and sophisticated at the same time.

Pleasant top

The vintage-inspired vibe comes from a loose peasant top. The loose, breezy form of the peasant top will keep you cool in the summer heat.


Add some sophisticated flair to your outfit with beige wedges. The wedges will be easier to walk in than stiletto heels and they continue to the vintage vibe.


Add a pop of color to the outfit with bright red-rimmed sunglasses. Grab a tribal-printed tote and you are good to rock the streets in a modern twist on vintage-inspired pieces.