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I did the K-Pop hardwritting challenge :) I swear I dont write awkwardly like that its the pen.......yup definitely the pen lol Tagged by: @poojas If you read this you're now also tagged :) yay (You dont have to do it, if you dont want to. But if you do decide to do the challenge and you havent already tag me so I can read it) :P
But in other news I "blacked" out some eyes (I just did eye fillings with no "real" shading. Its basically an out line) lol If you can guess who this eyes these are, you get 10 points from me for begin and awesome "K-popper" who know their stuff Hint:2NE1 (I'll reveal who it is at 2PM North-Eastern time)
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I think your choices are great. There is no such thing as weird choices in kpop !