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DIY bow-back t-shirt
This t-shirt design looks super complicated, but it is actually super easy (and can easily be made into a no-sew project). This DIY project is great for adding a little bit of flair to a plain t-shirt or for repurposing an old t-shirt. This project comes from the super creative people at InterestingFor.me.


All you need for this project is a t-shirt, some lace ribbon, scissors and a needle and thread (or you can use fabric glue if you aren't savvy with a needle and thread).

Cut away

Cut off the collar of the t-shirt. Then, cut 4 slits in the back of the t-shirt — make sure they aren't too wide.

Attach the lace ribbon

Cut the lace ribbon into smaller pieces. Sew the lace ribbon around the strips in the back of the t-shirt (or use fabric glue if you aren't comfortable with a needle and thread). Repeat the sewing (or gluing) with each of the strips (as shown in picture).

You now have a shirt with a chic and unique back design!

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love how simple this is
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