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Alot of kpop groups have made dramas together such as GOT7, 5uprise, and even EXO. Personally i think it would be great if BIGBANG were to star in their own drama as well, but If they were going to do things separately these are the roles i think would be the best fit xD. (P.S You dont have to read all of my madness, you can just read the bold ^_^)
G Dragon would be an amazing psychopath, dont you think? I mean he would be the innocent one through out the drama, and the lead could fall for him, and then BAM it turns out he is a genius madman bent on hurting others for his personal gain. Then he could change his way of life for the one he loves (hey a girl can dream ♡)
T.O.P has done ALOT of acting and has portrayed many different roles, but there are some sides of him i would love to see. One role i would LOOOVE to see is some sort of dimwitted and a***holish chaebol (that would be a hilarious romantic comedy). Another great role to see him act out would be some sort of supernatural being. Like a vampire or a gumiho or even a demon but something that would allow him to get colorful eyes ( I LIIIIIIKE HIS COLORFUL EYES LOL). I also think he really could exhibit that type of characters struggles because he isnt afraid to "go there". You could even combine the two if you want xD.
Daesung was the second male lead in a drama called "What's Up?" I havent had tye chance to watch it yet but i promise i will lol it looks pretty good. His character looks very interesting, and it is actually the character i love to see him as. The sweet and kind one who has a mysterious dark side is a perfect character for Daesung. It would also be cool to see Daesung be evil, but i think he is too sweet for that (again a girl can dream though♡)
Taeyang would be amazing as a detective like Lee Seung Gi in "You're All Surrounded". He would just be able to pull that off so well, and then when things get a little too serious he can pull that beautiful "Sol" charm we have fallen so deep for. He can be really serious if he needs to, and thats a great quality to have when acting. He could be an undercover agent or a detective on a search for someone who has hurt him or others BADLY.
Seungri has already been in a couple of things like the drama "Angel Eyes", where he has been the background relationship going on during the main relationship (well from what i saw in the trailer and millions of clips lol). I think Seungri could pull off a highschool bad boy. With his new look and everything he could really portary that type of person no problem lol.
I saw this picture and it made me realize that if BIGBANG were to make a drama together they should TOTALLY be a group of crime fighters! It would be so cool to see them work together to protect others and maybe the girl(s?) they love xDDDDDDD. T.O.P could be the quiet and mysterious one, GD could be the intelligent snobby one, Taeyang could be the serious and focused one, Daesung could be the lighthearted and determined one, and Seungri could be the sweet yet fierce one. hehe *runs off to fangirl* This was my opinion but if you feel different or you have any ideas dont be shy! * i dont own these beautiful pics and gifs* im sorry its so long xD.
Lol that last part about running off to fangirl was exactly what I was thinking of doing lmao!! Like a drama is already kinda forming in my head lol I totally agree q these roles though haha
I agree with you on every member itd scary hahahah. Daesung would make a great twist as a secret psychopath
I agree with everything lol especially top as a chaebol
Can I be a female lead in a drama with all five of them and have all of them fall in love with me?........... a girl can dream, right?
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