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Aaaaand it's Friday.

As I wrote about earlier this week, Wilco released a free surprise album this past weekend called Star Wars, and, to no one's surprise, it is excellent.
It's basically been the only music that I've needed all week. It's a short record, but it's delectably sweet, and it's vintage Wilco, in a lot of ways. Like any Wilco record, it features Jeff Tweedy's excellent songwriting, so here's a tiny sample, from the ballad "Where Do I Begin?"
At least you cried"
It's short, but it's so powerful. At least you cried. It's something a lot of us can relate to, I think.
Some sense of solidarity in sadness. A level of comfort, of belonging. Of justification. It's the acceptance of feelings, because feelings are real, and they should not be shunned. They should be expressed fully, always.
Enjoy your weekend, everyone.