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"Tinder is how people meet. It's like real life, but better."

We've all created an account -- go ahead and admit it. I won't be the one to judge. They say it's better than real life, but how accurate is that statement? You've taken time out of your day to do some swiping right and a whole lot of swiping left. *sigh* If only finding the perfect match were this easy. But nothing worth having comes easy. Is tinder worth all the swiping and messaging or is it just another dating app that passes the time? If you score a date, that's one for the books. If you score a date and the guy happens to be exactly who you thought he would, that's even better.
Unfortunately, not all tinder guys are who they make themselves out to be. If he comes off as a jerk -- there's a pretty huge chance that's exactly what he is. For the sweet, not so aggressive guy give him the benefit of the doubt, for now. If you're on tinder than you're probably familiar with these six type of guys you will more than likely meet while swiping right -- or left.

The "What's Up Beautiful" Guy

He hits every woman with the same line and he still gets the same response every single time. I mean it's sweet, but is it really sweet when he's referring to every other chick as gorgeous? Probably not. Steer clear. He's not fooling anyone but himself.

The One Night Stand Guy

This guy has no problem making it known exactly what he's about. Before he even ask your name, he's asking you questions not even you think you have an answer for. Block him before it's too late.

The Starving Artist

This guy, much like yourself is a starving artist who just moved to the city to live out his dreams. He seems like he would be pretty cool to meet up with for some coffee sometime and hold intellectual convos about life and love. Give him a chance, you never know.

The Materialistic Guy

His pictures are consumed of selfies of himself wearing nothing but name brand clothing and shoes. Whether it's authentic or not -- the fact that he doesn't know that less is more is a super turn off. Is he on tinder looking for love or a modeling contract because it's hard to tell.

The "You Should Text Me" Guy

He seems like a great guy. Pretty normal -- which is always a great sign. You exchange numbers, text for a couple of hours and then he disappears into thin air -- until he hits you with a "good morning" text followed by an emoji. Don't even waste your time.

The "I Have A Girl, But We're On A Break" Guy

The title says it all. He's on tinder passing time until his girlfriend takes him back -- or as he refers to it as him taking her back. This is the kind of guy you don't want to associate yourself with. He might bring you good conversation, but that's about it.

Don't be fooled.

If you haven't swiped right and ran into one of these guys as of yet -- just wait, you will. Be prepared and don't feel bad, sometimes swiping left is a must.
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