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Happy Birthday, Nico!

"Smile, Smile, It's the best!"

Happy Birthday to the Number 1 Idol in the Universe, Nico Yazawa! I'm posting this here on Vingle a little late, but her birthday was on July 22 :)
Nico is my spirit anime character and she means more to me than probably any other character I've ever cosplayed. Nico gives hope that even when you're down and out, there's always a chance for a brighter tomorrow. You have to fight on, never give up, and do it with a smile!
As some of you have guessed, I will be cosplaying a brand new version of Nico this Friday at Otakon! Didn't see my lineup yet? Check it here!
Until then, please enjoy my Super Idol Nico cosplay from Katsucon!
@shannonl5 The balls are foam, so it's not too bad. Plus, I can unhook them for transport which is great
Nico Nico niiiiiii <3
@Starberry that's really clever! Definitely useful when you're at a con all day
Yay! The skirt looks really amazing! Was it heavy, or were you able to find a material that didn't weigh it down too much?
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