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Alright, so there are currently two big Dantes in video gaming, and obviously that just won't do. There can truly be only one Dante, and it's about time that we figured out just who deserves to be that one.
So let's get into it.

Dante - Devil May Cry

The son of the demon, Sparda, Dante is hugely powerful. His demonic blood grants him huge levels of strength and durability, as well as other abilities. He heals at alarming speed, can run up vertical walls, and can even dodge bullets fired at a short range.
More than that, he can enter a demonic form that enhances his power, called the Devil Trigger form. He has defeated virtually all of the demons he has encountered, single-handedly for the most part. He has been touted as surpassing his father in power, and his father was nearly a god in terms of power.
Dante is arguably the most powerful being on the planet, and his strength is only rivaled by his brother, Vergil.
He wields guns and a long, two-handed sword as his base weapons.

Dante - Dante's Inferno

Dante, the titular hero of the game based on the epic poem of the same name is a Templar Knight on a quest to rescue his beloved. What could be stronger than the power of love?
Dante is incredibly strong, as he wileds Death's scyte, a massive weapon, with ease. He also takes on opponents much larger than himself with relatively no difficulty. He confronts and defeats Lucifer, the king baddie of all baddies, and raises himself into purgatory to meet his lover.
In defeating Satan himself, Dante proves that no demon can resist him, and with the use of his Holy Cross, he is able to condemn or absolve the various spirits and denizens of the underworld.
His major weapons are Death's Scythe and the Holy Cross, which also acts as a projectile weapon.

So who would win?

Honestly, when considering it, it would have to be Dante.
Haha, but really, it would be Dante of Dante's Inferno. Though Devil May Cry Dante is technically stronger, faster, and ultimately just a superior fighter, Inferno's Dante has the particular ability to absolve or condemn demonic forces, which ultimately puts him over DMC Dante.
His Holy Cross would be the undoing of DMC Dante.
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honestly.... yes. orginal Dante would get fucked up. but new Dante would be able to fuck up Infernos Dante... hes half Angel
That's speaks for itself, more than enough people to prove the cross is garbage.
@AustinJamesJohn oh cool! mad people are talking about this card. that's dope.
i think it would be DMC dante, because i dont think holy weapons have any effect on him. i think DI dante would have to drop the holy stuff and pick up a few devil arms, and a templar wouldnt do that