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In light of the recent movie theater shooting in Lafayette, LA where 3 people were killed and 9 injured, Obama echoes the frustrations we all have:

How can we put an end to gun violence in the United States?

After James Holmes shooting in Colorado, the church shooting in Charleston, and so many’s easy to see that is an issue we need addressing.
The shooting took place shortly before 7:30 p.m. last night during a showing “Trainwreck.” The gunman open-fired and killed two people, then killed himself.
I’m sadden by another case of innocent people dying. My heart goes out to those effected by the shooting.
But now I think it’s time for some change.
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@nicolejb @LauraFisher this is an issue that has already been presented to Congress. Despite the fact that stricter gun control has an overwhelmingly positive approval rating, it failed to pass. Right now Congress is under the control of the Republican party and they've sworn not to let anything Obama presents pass. Which is incredibly frustrating. Granted, the right to bear arms is a Constitutional right, as is the right to organize militias. However, stricter gun control has proven to be effective in Australia and the UK. There is definitely a way to protect Constitutional rights AND protect people from gun violence. We're just currently in a political climate that is not prepared to consider those options.
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... I have a lot of opinions
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Thanks for sharing @shannonl5! I’m so frustrated by that! That we are making politics so well, political. That parties are pinned against each other just for the sake of being on the opposite side. Instead of moving forward and pass something that might make a change.
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I'm from Australia, we had 1 massacre back in the days at port Macquarie and that was the end of it. No more guns, in theory you could still get a lincense but it's extremely difficult if you don't own a farm or reside in rural areas. It's proven to be very effective, gun related crime has gone down dramatically. To me the idea of everyone owning a gun is weird, if you are in a well developed country and politically stable (not in civil war or anything), what's the benefit owning a gun? you shouldn't need a gun to feel protected.
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Idk. Don't judge ME, but I like to think outside the box, along with "set ups". I think (in MY opinion), that the government is planning all this up so they can get rid of guns. That way, when the government is so corrupt that they end up going to everyone's houses to take everything, we don't have gun protection. I don't know. That's how I see it.
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