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Are you actually sick? Or do you just not feel like it?
Sometimes we wake up with the intention of conquering the world. We keep our heads up, make our rounds. Our mornings lead to productivity. We make our commute on time and we lead a successful day at work.
Other times we want to crawl into some deep chasm filled with pillows and silken sheets and die peacefully, never knowing what the day could have been. On those days...we call in sick.
Combating these feelings is no easy task, and the more you give in to calling in sick, the worse of a worker you become. In the moment, taking a personal day may feel better, but will it really in the long run? You never know what you could miss if you skip work, or call in sick. Giving into the idyllic temptation of staying in bed for a few extra hours can be cathartic, but it can also ruin your life.
Who knows if the day you decide to phone it in will be the best of your life? Calling in sick is just another way to avoid dealing with your issues. If something bad happens at work or if you have a disagreement with a co-worker, things can get awkward and downright unbearable. The fact is that work is work. It's not supposed to be fun, but if it is that's an obvious bonus. Try to find the messed up little things that make you happy, and just run with them. Work can be a soul sucking and vapid experience if you're in the wrong profession, and the truth of it is that you can get stuck if you need money. Calling in sick once in a while is alright, because we're human and people get tired. But if it gets to a point where you're calling in because you hate your job, or you're just not "feeling it" there may be some bigger issues at hand, and you probably need to ask yourself some bigger questions like:

Is what I'm doing right for me?

Am I happy?

Is this temporary?

What do I need to do in order to fix this?

Opening a dialogue with yourself is the first step to figuring out why you're miserable, or why you're avoiding work. Nobody deserves to live without joy, and if your workplace is the source of your unhappiness, don't call in sick. Confront it head on.
sick days are for being sick..but sometimes sick days are mental health days as well..And we all need those now and then
Yeah, I agree with @MargaretStevens. Sometimes I do call out sick because my I feel unwell in different ways. We all just need a break sometimes. But you're right...those breaks shouldn't be abused.