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They might even surprise you as much as George RR Martin's twisted plots! These cast facts are funny, shocking and super nerdy. Pretty much all of them will make you say "no way!"
1. Arya Stark was Maisie William's first ever acting role. Not that surprising given her age, but very surprising given how good she is at playing such a badass.
2. Hodor, one of the more lovable characters, is a part-time EDM DJ in real-life, touring internationally and performing shows he hilariously calls "Rave of Thrones".
3. After Ned Stark was beheaded, cast members played soccer with his prop head. I guess they weren't as devastated as the rest of us over his death.
4. The actor who plays The Mountain is actually the third strongest man in the world. Given his name, this is not that surprising, but it does him that much more terrifying.
5. Emilia Clarke was once covered in so much blood while filming a scene that she actually got stuck to a toilet. Normal part of the job.
6. Iwan Rheon, who plays one of the most hated Game of Thrones characters, almost got the role of our beloved Jon Snow. I bet amongst all these Jon Snow death rumors, he's glad to have dodged that bullet.

Are you surprised? What other fun facts do you Game of Thrones nerds have to surprise the rest of us?

@LauraFisher yeah the first bite was probably tasty. But after a couple I wonder if she would have preferred a horse heart >_<
Woah cool @shannonl5, I didn't know that! But I do remember wondering what it was made of when I watched that scene, I knew it had to be something sort of good. But yeah, that amount of sugar could make anyone gag I bet...
Apparently the horse heart she ate in season 1 was a gummy heart. Which sounds tasty until you realize how much sugar is in it. That second where she almost throws up but holds it in? Totally genuine.