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Printed leggings have been having their fashion moment for a few years now. These printed leggings, however, take it to a whole new level.

Mice and cheese leggings

It's a whole new twist to the game "Mousetrap." These leggings will definitely get you some interesting conversations.

Funny and yummy food leggings

Nothing like facing temptation for junk food every time you look down at your legs with these leggings.

"The Simpsons" printed leggings

Show your fandom for "The Simpsons" and attract every eye on the street (for various reasons) with these leggings.

Hieroglyphic leggings

Take a trip back in time with these crazy hieroglyphic leggings. You can even practice your language skills... of hieroglyphics.

Scandalous leggings

Yes, that is actually what these leggings are called. Nothing like having a woman's face on your legs all day.

Bloody Mary leggings

Again, yes this is what these leggings are called. I don't even know what to write about these leggings.
I used to love crazy printed leggings when I was younger. They were huge in Southern California back when I was in art school, and I feel like when you're an art student, you can kind of pull that stuff off. I think my favorite were my Mishka NYC brand eyeball leggings.
I kinda like the first ones and I do not know why. lol