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It's hard to know what in your wardrobe is worth spending money on, and where you should be going to Forever 21 to find your deals. Sometimes it's tempting to spend smaller amounts of money to have more things in your closet, but certain items are worth investing more money on. I'm not saying you have to go the designer route, but certain things in your closet should be saved up for, and if you can shell out $100 for one pair of jeans instead of getting five pairs of $20 jeans, you'll notice the difference.
The following five items are well worth the money- you'll thank yourself later for saving up!

1. Shoes.

This is so important for the sake of your feet, legs, and back. You walk all day on your feet, so it's really not fair to your body to put them in poorly-constructed cages. Cheap shoes pinch, give you blisters, and often don't have nearly the arch support your foot needs. It's hard to know how a pair of shoes that you walked one lap around the store in will feel after walking in them all day, but a reputable brand is more likely to deliver.
Real leather makes a difference if you're likely to get them dirty and wear them in the rain, which you probably are. Cheaper shoes are likely to only last a season, so it's easy to be tempted to spend little on a trendier pair, but remember what your feet do for your body, and think twice before buying that cheap pair. You can do damage to your feet, and further damage to your whole body walking in bad shoes. Save up for a few classic pairs, and be wowed when they last years and years.

2. Denim.

A great pair of jeans should last and last, feel like a second skin whether they're loose or fitted, and wear like they were made for your body. A more expensive pair will deliver, but a cheaper pair will wear down quickly, won't feel as comfortable, and just won't fit your body the same way. Those Forever 21 skinny jeans might look flattering, but give them a couple of wears and they'll be ripping at the knees and wearing down in the thighs.
Refinery29 recently published an exposé on the difference in quality and ethics between a pair of $20 jeans and a pair of $200 jeans. For something that's such a wardrobe staple, it's so much better to have one amazing pair of jeans than ten that are all okay. Great denim should be something you want to wear over and over again because you feel that good in it.

3. A purse.

A real leather purse will last so much longer than an immitation from Zara or H&M, no matter how cute it is; fake leather will wear down much faster, won't hold up to damage, and straps are always bound to snap and rip on you. You don't need to go the $700 designer purse route, but real leather and durability will be worth their while when your whole life is contained in that little bag. A pro tip: a bag with a designer label won't be better quality than a similar bag without the recognizable name. Do some research if you want to make sure it's a reputable brand, and always check for things like lining, stitching, and of course, authentic leather. If it's made the same as a Kate Spade but doesn't have her name on it, you can save yourself a few bucks for the same quality.

4. A great suit.

Whether you work corporate or at a slightly more casual office, you should own one great suit. Fabric and tailoring makes all the difference, so while Zara might make the most adorable printed suits, you'll regret that poly-blend later. J. Crew has good options at more modest prices, and if you can shell out a little more, it's worth it here. Stick to black, navy or grey. You can always wear a printed blouse or layer jewelry to make a slightly boring cut more fun, but you need this suit to fit as well and be as versatile as possible.

5. Classic jewelry.

I'm not telling you to buy diamonds and pearls, but quality does make a difference for jewelry. There's nothing wrong with owning cheaper costume jewelry (I definitely do), but classic things like hoop earrings and simple necklaces are better spent a little more on. If you don't opt for sterling silver and higher quality metals, you'll end up with green skin, or worse, an infection.

Shop wisely and be smart with your money!