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The 14 Famous Comedians In "Trainwreck"


I'm sure you were scratching your head as you watched the new hit comedy, Trainwreck. It's funny and entertaining and everyone seems to be enjoying it. However, did you recognize some of your favorite comedians? I'm sure you were trying to place them but couldn't pin point exactly who they were. Here's the list of the many comedians in the film:

Amy Schumer

Character in Trainwreck : Amy
Career Credits: Inside Amy, Stand Up Comedy, Price Check, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Bill Hader

Character in Trainwreck : Amy's love interest, Aaron, who's BFF's with LeBron James and is a Sports Medicine doctor for professional athletes.
Career Credits: Saturday Night Live, Superbad, Adventurland, The Skelton Twins, The Mindy Project

Colin Quinn

Character in Trainwreck : Amy's father, Gordon. Inspired by her own father in real life, Gordon lands in a very expensive nursing home after developing multiple sclerosis.
Career Credits: Inside Amy Schumer, Saturday Night Live's Weekly Update Anchor, A Night at the Roxbury, Grown Ups, That's My Boy

Leslie Jones

Character in Trainwreck : Woman on the subway.
Career Credits: Saturday Night Live, TV Series The League and Workaholics, Ghostbusters (2015)

Pete Davidson

Character in Trainwreck : A stoner patient of Aaron's.
Career Credits: Saturday Night Live

Mike Birbiglia

Character in Trainwreck : Amy's annoying boring and average but kind bother in law, Tom.
Career Credits: Stand Up Comedy, Sleepwalk With Me, The Fault In Our Stars, Hot Pursuit, and TV Show Girls

Dave Attell

Character in Trainwreck : Homeless guy who lives outside Amy's apartment.
Career Credits: Stand Up Comedy, Writer for Saturday Night Live, Writer for The Jon Stewart Show, Insomniac With Dave Attell, Dave's Old Porn

Jon Glaser, Vanessa Bayer, and Randall Park

Glaser's Character in Trainwreck : Schultz, her coworker
Bayer's Character in Trainwreck : coworker
Park's Character in Trainwreck : coworker
Glaser's Career Credits: Parks and Recreation, Girls
Bayer's Career Credits: The Interview, Fresh Off the Boat
Park's Career Credits: Saturday Night Live

Nikki Glaser, Claudia O'Doherty, Bridget Everett, and Tim Meadows

Glaser's Character in Trainwreck : Lisa, a prude who believes allowing her kids to watch Glee is dangerous
O'Doherty's Character in Trainwreck : Amy's friend who pushes the envelope
Everett's Character in Trainwreck : Kat, a guest who bonds with Amy after revealing that she let her husband and his brothers "tag-team" her
Meadows Character in Trainwreck : Tim
Glaser's Career Credits: Inside Amy Schumer, Stand Up Comedy, The Bachelorette
O'Doherty's Career Credits: Stand Up Comedy
Everett's Career Credits: Inside Amy Schumer, Stand Up Comedy, The Bachelorette
Meadows Career Credits: Saturday Night Live, Mean Girls, Grown Ups, TV Show Marry Me

Rachel Feinstein

Character in Trainwreck : A nurse named Rachel
Career Credits: Woman Who Kills, Inside, Chris Rock's Top 5

Marina Franklin

Character in Trainwreck : Girlfriend/or wife of man who gets in a verbal fight at the movie theater with Amy's boyfriend
Career Credits: Woman Who Kills, Jim Gaffigan Show on TV Land, Louie

Vanessa Bayer

Character in Trainwreck : Amy's awkwardly adorably BFF at work, Nikki
Career Credits: Saturday Night Live, Despicable Me 2, Second City
Pete Davidson <3 so cute
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I was gonna say, don't forget Vanessa Bayer as a Saturday Night Live regular!! But then I saw she's on the list twice. Phew! :)
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Colin Quinn is old enough to be Amy Schumer's dad? Daaang. Time flies.
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