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Your small knit group of friends are just like you, all except for one thing -- they all happen to be in a relationship.

I'm talking about relationships that have been holding up for some time now. You on the other hand have been single for almost five years, but it seems like just yesterday you were in their shoes. Unlike most single women, you embrace the time you have to yourself. It gives you ample time to work on yourself and grow both mentally and spiritually. You're in no rush to get into a relationship, but sometimes being around your favorite girls and their beaus you do get just a teency bit jealous. Don't worry, this is a no judgement zone.
Although you're fairly positive and have dipped your toes in the dating pool, there are just certain things that make you stand out amongst your gal pals. We've all been there at some point or another. If you happen to be her than you're familiar with these four tell tale signs that make it known that you're the single friend. Embrace it.

Third Wheel Should Be Your First Name

You're always asked to come out for dinner or a group outing, except it's not a group outing. It's your best friend, her boyfriend and then there's you. Netflix and the bed sounds like a much better crowd.

You're The First Person Your Friends Comes To For Advice

You haven't been in a relationship for how long, but your friends always manage to run to you first for advice. Although you try your best to give sufficient advice, sometimes you're just as clueless as they are.

You Often Question Why You're Single

When your girls are going on and on about their lovers, you're often in your own world wondering why you've been single for so long. Is it you? What are you doing wrong? Is the timing wrong? And then the overthinking begins.

While Your Friends Are Texting, You're Swiping

It's sad enough that you're wasting your time on tinder and every other dating app while your best friend is sitting next to you flirting via text messages with her boyfriend. At least she actually knows who she is speaking to. Man, what is life?
It can sometimes be annoying, but being single with a group of friends in relationships isn't as bad as it sounds -- especially when you hear about their petty arguments. Sometimes being single is good. Enjoy it while you can.
There are also perks because all your friends in relationships can help a girl out and hook you up with their cute guy friends (even their bf’s friends)....amirite?
I am forever the single one because the moment a guy gets too close, I start feeling a little itchy. I can't help it! Getting into a relationship is like adopting a dog or signing up for a class to me. It's a lot of work and time that I don't ever think I'll be ready for. Commitment-phobe problems.
Definitely @jordanhamilton. :) And @nicolejb ahhh so true!! I need to start capitalizing on that!!
Being single is da bomb!! I like being the single friend B) I guess you could say I'm the ultimate third wheel, too, because I share an apartment with my best friend and her boyfriend. Lol.
so sorry ladies! I'm not getting any of my notifications, but @nicolejb I def agree haha I should've added that little tip in the mix of things :)
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