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Much like Eric Matthews, we all need a little advice every now and then. Whether you're having a hard time at work, going through a breakup or just need a little inspiration, Mr. Feeny's got you covered with some wise words.
When you're too afraid to take a chance because of what others might think of you.
For those times when everything is overwhelming and you need to remember what's truly important in life.
For those times that you're struggling with an ethical decision you have to make.
If you're ever feeling down on yourself because of the way you look, remember this.
When you're freaking out about your future, this will remind you of the really important stuff to keep in mind.
Thanks Mr. Feeny, you were the best elementary, middle, high school and college teacher that I ever had growing up.
@VeronicaArtino I know, same here! He was so wise and gave the best advice! Always wished he was my teacher lol
always loved mr. feeney