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I met Louis back in 2012.... I was wearing a lightup squid hat and as he complimented my hat, I decided to intensly stare at him because my brain couldnt handle the feels :P
This is the Hat^^^ Fast forward two years into 2014 the date of August 5. I went to the One Direction WWAT concert.Amd brought the same hat there with an additional on that I had bought to give to him.
They sandg the sonf little things and everyone put theyre lights in the air and began to wave them to the melody of the song. So since everyone had there lights on i put my light up hat on and wore it for the rest of the concert.After the song was finish Harry began to speak abit and dance with Niall. And then bam it happend he spotted my hat. To make sure he was talking to me and did a little waving motion and he did it back. then point at his head and gave me a thumbs up symbols. And then AGAIN my brain decide to just smile and wave lol until it was time for their next song
Right before the concert ended with their last song BSE (Best Song Ever) I remembered the spare hat I had and I gave it to the security guard to give to Louis. (Tbh i was pretty close to the stage im a pretty lucky kid and im greatful but even thoughf I was really close I still didnt want to throw it at him) But moral of the story he got it and he remebered me from 2012 , I got a hug. Amd everything turn out pretty well♡♡ Dont give up fellow DIRECTIONERS you never know when you might run into them :)
@AkiraCondry Dude, this is awesome! You totally had some epic fan-connection moments right there! Also, I LOVE that hat! It's so cute! ^_^
@poojas here's the full story :D He's actually a pretty nice guy lol
OMG OMG this is so coooool!!!!!!!!