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I think this is the biggest pizza I have ever finished. Like most people, I love pizzas, especially the ones I made. But you know how it is with pizzas... You get full so fast... But I was so hungry for this one that there were no leftovers. And btw, even if it looks good, it was not at all. Actually, one of the worst pizzas I have tried haha (I was just so hungry).
Yeah, I saw an egg on pizza and galettes and really all kinds of things when I lived in France. It's not bad! It's so funny that even though it was terrible you still ate all of it lol @rodiziketan
@buddyesd really? It is quite a thing, here in Slovenia and Balkans.
I did not know that having an egg on pizza is European thing. We have so many toppings. Actually, you can put anything on the pizza, really. Do you have white pizzas? No tomato sauce but cream instead? @allischaaff
otherwise just make it yourself.
I need to see if they sell it here
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