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"Writers love harder and deeper than most people. They will love you like they love their favorite book, which honestly should terrify you."

Falling in love with a writer can be the best plot for a love story or easily the worst plot. The great thing about that is -- the choice is all yours. The writer holds the pen in their hand the same way they wear their heart on their sleeve. When they love something, they don't give up -- no matter how hard things get, whether that be their passion for writing or their passion for love.
Artists in general are the perfect people to fall in love with, but there's something extra special and rewarding about falling in love with a writer. If you've never had the opportunity to feel that deep romantic love that a writer has the ability of giving -- these five reasons why you should fall in love with a writer might just make you a believer.

They Invest There Time Into Things They Love

If you've ever watched a writer hard at work, you'll see just how invested they are in what they do. Whether drafting a story or editing an essay -- they take their work seriously and they want whatever they do to be perfect. The same goes for romance. If a writer falls in love with you, be prepared for them to be all about.

They Know When To Correct Their Errors

Although they don't always admit to it right away, just like anyone else -- writers aren't always correct and they have no problem admitting that. When they see an error, they address it and fix it right away. That goes for both their writing and their love life.

They Will Write About You

Whether it's good or not, just know that if you're in a relationship with a writer you will at some point be their inspiration to a poem, story or an angry haiku.

They Don't Want For Much, But Your Words

Writers don't want much. They rarely look to materialism. As long as they have your words, they are more than likely satisfied. Anything from a sweet text message to a heart felt card on their birthday -- it doesn't take much to make them happy.

They're Unpredictable

It may sound negative, but believe me -- it's a good thing. Random gifts just because, texting you a poem they wrote for you on their lunch break and that's just the half of it. Being predictable has it's perks. Writers know how to make you feel something through their words, embrace that trait.
Five things isn't even to justify how amazing writers are and why everyone should fall in love with one at least once in their lifetime. Go to your local coffee shop this weekend, you're bound to stumble across one -- you never know, love might just be in the air.