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Over the past century, Converse has stuck to their guns in regards to their design. To their defense, the flexible yet durable canvas design has led the brand to great success across the world.
Today, Converse throws caution to the wind, as the brand let loose a new design of their classic sneaker. The reason behind the design switch despite a century of success was simple: the consumer asked for it.
Richard Copcutt, the Vice President/General Manager of Converse All Star explained the design switch with ease. “The consumer has asked us to take the classic and give them more,” said Copcutt. “It’s about the timing; it’s not a hundred years thing, or an anniversary. The time was right because the consumer said the time was right.”
Based on the images above, Converse made changes texture changes to the product while staying true to the Converse sneaker theme.

The Chuck II, priced at $70, launches in stores and online on Tuesday, July 28th.

I am extremely excited to see the impact the new design has in the fashion world. With the right co-sign, these could take off. At 70 dollars, I may have to grab a pair of these, what do you think?
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I think I'm have to get me a pair too. I haven't had chucks for a while actually.