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I love this group because when I look at them I feel like I'm looking at an anime. They are not a fully korean group with I think 2 members that are not korean (or fully korean). This is a group formed by Jackie Chan that makes great music but, I don't think a lot of people know who they are. So here's some pictures along with some songs. Sorry I don't know much about the group so I can't give you names or background info just a playlist and my opinion.
imagine urself being under them when they are doing the push up dance. haha inappropriate I know but wat can we do. this is sorta how kpop world runs hehe
Love JJCC but they are so underrated! they need more recognition! Yes 2 are not full American. Eddy I'd Korean-American and Prince Mak (my bias) is Korean-Australian2
Was thinking about what JJCC could possibly stand for and the first thing that came to mind was "Jackie Jackie Chan Chan" that's probably not it.. I didn't know Jackie Chan had a kpop group that's rad!
their songs are great yes I heard Jackie Chan. that it's his group. honestly Jackie Chan was my fav action actor before I knew kpop and he still is thou I'm pretty sure he quit long ago. oh well at least we have his group to admire hehe