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Tao has the same idea as me whenever a friends having a birthday cake.
OMG SAMEE HAHA. This is me at every birthday party.
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rite?? at any party the latest u were invited to u don't want to go. but then the word food and cake are mentioned ur eyes pop out say wat I'm going don't forget me. and when u get there and ppl try to get u into activities you react ^^^^ Taos expression
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I usually make the cakes for the parties and I'll patiently wait but after so many hours pass, I'm walking around like, HEY when are we doing cake? GUYS cake!! We should do the cake soon! GET THE PEOPLE TO OPEN PRESENTS OR I'M EATING THEIR CAKE WITHOUT THEM!!
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I love love love love Cake nd Tao is my bae ♥♥♥
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Best part!!!
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