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You may have seen these tracks in previous playlists, but here is the ultimate weekend collection of them. Get crazy. Get lit. Live it up. These dirty and fabulous rock and roll tracks will sound track your debauchery.
Between 9 and 5 on the weekdays, you're a consistent, adult-ish, worker bee....but on the weekends...who knows?
You could be a waster, an dirty rock and roll party animal. At least, listening to this playlist would make you one.

1. Babyshambles / Kilimanjaro

This song's drums alone can get you thinking about all the things you'll never remember. My personal favorite rock-star of the moment, Pete Doherty's side project from the newly reformed Libertines, is a testament to the chaotic rock and roll world. Their sound will make you want to throw a TV out of a hotel window.
Check out "Shotter's Nation", the band's debut disc for more rollicking tunes.

2. Foxboro Hot-Tubs / Stop Drop & Roll / Mother Mary

This Green Day off-shoot is a rockabilly punk dream. I had to include both of these tracks because they're just too perfect, and this live video from Last Call with Carson Daily pretty much sums up what a party they are.
The songs from their only record, "Stop Drop and Roll" are playful and intense, carrying on the lyrical and melodic genius that front-man Billie Joe Armstrong is known for. Play this jam when people are just getting drunk enough to hit the floor, it'll get them going again. Like a kick-starter for a party, Mother Mary is an unapologetic rock track that people won't forget once you play it for them.

3. The Vincent Black Shadow / Metro

This track is full of mixed metaphors and a kick-ass vocal line, "Somethings closing in, and I can't do a thing."
Imagine if Alkaline Trio had a rockabilly-infused female lead singer, now that's cool. The female vocals are a welcome change from most rock tracks...and although a 2007 hit, it stands the test of time as a totally cool party track that will have your friends asking...."Where'd you hear that."

4. Arctic Monkeys / I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor

The now legendary British act's first single created an absolute frenzy when it came out. This song is maximum rock and roll, and from the first few strums of the guitar, catapults you into party mode. The frenetic and entangling vocals make it a classic. Consistent with coma-inducing party culture, this song will definitely make you go nuts.

5. Dirty Pretty Things / Bang, Bang You're Dead

This is a classic Clash-esque shuffle-beat anthem. It's a particularly memorable hit from Carl Barat's side project and would be the perfect soundtrack to stumbling out of a bar half-drunk around 2 AM.
Party anthems come in all genres, but the dirty sounds of indie rock and roll seem to fit best.