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A new study released revealed at 4 out of 5 Brits are embarrassed about their coffee order because they are afraid of being judged by our fellow coffee drinkers.
The research also found that 55 percent would mock someone who ordered a sugary or flavoured coffee, while 52 percent said they would judge people who ordered a complicated drink.
So, are you embarrassed to order your favorite drink? Or is this a bogus study?
Looks like the fear of ordering a triple, venti, half-sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato with extra caramel drissle might actually be warranted.
I like simple coffee. I mostly order just black coffee. Ain't no shame in my coffee game.
I don't think people should be ashamed of their coffee order or afraid of judgment :) I mean, who cares what other people think??? Enjoy your coffee!!
I do consider myself a coffee snob but when I order coffee usually I'm in the state of zombie, so nothing is getting in- between me and my caffeine fix! And my mind is too wasted to care what other ppl order....
I’m the same way @alywoah! But sometimes I like to indulge in a super-sugary frap. Still no shame in that either.
AGREED! I turn into like a little kid with a giant Sundae when I’m got a frap. @JonathanPerez
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