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I've jumped into the dating pool, mostly out of curiousity to see what's out there. Since I am a very busy person, it's easier for me to use an app like Tinder. It's like mindlessly flipping through a magazine while you're using the toilet. Unfortunately, the online dating thing has been a disaster.
And I wonder: do these messages actually work for anyone?
This whole thing sort of reminds me of when the other day, a guy shouted at me:

"I got some jello for you, ma!"

Just a few minutes ago my Tinder prince charming talked about having lunch. And then he randomly stated he likes to hook-up in public places.

Which was followed with, "are you at the park right now? Let's meet up."

Let's just say, it's not really working out for me.

But it's totally fine. It's fine..
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Ain't it something to see different men from around the world right at your fingertips that you can't have?????
on line players............
lol. i just don't understand why it's so hard for some men to have some kind of filter.@Tabbi
@alywoah I know, it's just sad! Some of the men are so selfish and messy it's unreal... especially on line!!! Lol
Ahahahaha. Killing the game XD I just can't with "I got some jello for you ma!" LOL