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I'm a day late, however.....I'm still gonna announce that Thursday shall go down as...
Shall go down in history as...Thick Thursday...This goes out to the thicker oppas of the korean world! (thicker not fat, not chubby, not obese, thicker....)
Kangin's so surprised he's fainted (>y<)
I am smitten with the three men Ive chosen for today's thick Thursdayyyyy!
Kangin!!!!! RELEASE THE CUTNESS!!!!(≧∇≦)/
I've always had a soft spot for Daejun and especially Hyung Don !!!o((*^▽^*))o
But don't let their cuteness fool you.....They can be sexy too!
Let him show you the definition of pop lock and drop it
Self-explanatory ....They can hop off that pole like a couple of OG's
cute and sexy all in one (^v^)
manly men (#^.^#)
My taste in the thicker korean cut is very yin and yang, but I love them no matter what! They're so flipping loveable! Till next time...
This was so awesome!!!!
Kanginnnnn, my loooove ♡
@ErinGregory thank you (*^▽^*)