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Congratulations Kylie!

Even with many rumors that Kylie Jenner had indeed dropped out of college, she proved all of the haters wrong! She looks absolutely stunning and happier than ever to be a high school graduate. She gained her diploma from Laurel Springs High School but I doubt she's headed to college. With the Kardashians being the most famous family in the United States, I think college would be somewhat impractical for these ladies. However Kylie and Kendall are living very different lives compared to their older siblings who went through high school. Kourtney even graduated from college!
Kylie posted these tweets earlier this week announcing to her fans that she did finish high school classes stressing the importance of education. She noted that she doesn't post on social media during class and it actually was decent that she waited a few days before telling the world. Ending high school is a very personal time in a teenagers life and it didn't need to be broadcasted immediately.


Ryan Seacrest hosted a huge graduation celebration for both Kendall and Kylie. Kendall graduated high school in 2014 and then Kylie in 2015 so they just threw the party together. Tyga was there to support Kylie amidst the drama surrounding his affair. The older sisters also pitched in to help with the party to make it special for the girls.

Check out these Snapchat portions of their party!

Kylie did go to a public high school for her freshman year of high school and then remained home-schooled for the rest of her time. It's important again to take note that people claimed for weeks that she had dropped out. Kylie's graduation gift was a new diamond Rolex watch and nail bracelet accumulating to a total cost of over $60,000! INSANE.
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I wish Ryan Seacrest had come to my high school graduation party! haha