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It's 2:00P.M. Friday and things are starting to not make sense. There's a block...oh no...writer's block. The death sentence that all writers and creatives hate accepting. How do you get rid of it?
I search around in the back of my mind for something profound or interesting to say to you all, and there just isn't anything there. All haze and shadows, my mind has closed up shop for the weekend. Shutting-down before I can wrack it for anything useful.
Sometimes productivity takes the day off even when you need to get things done.
Sometimes these fits and bouts of brain blackouts come on when you're quite steadily in the middle of something important. Everything that used to be light turns into shadows when the mind shuts down and everything becomes dark.
All of the synapses and other scientific bullshit just stops working. Like autopilot kicks in and you're just left sitting at the wheel yelling, "What do I do?"
Ever been writing a paper, or doing some sort of report for work, and just lose it all...not physically, but mentally? You just sit there and stare at the screen, or the page and nothing comes.
It's like your mind is taking the afternoon off, but your body has to stay behind to tow the line, long after.
It doesn't matter how long you wait, or what you drink or just doesn't come. And like a bat out of hell, you race against the clock, hoping, searching. Nothing. It's like you've relapsed into absolute infancy. No thoughts, no way to communicate, just puking and whining for something to eat or drink.
Damn it.
There's no concrete solution for this, it's a phantom...a spasm of the mind. Uncontrollable by human feats and slinging words, writer's block comes in for the kill.
How do you fight against something that's not there? It's not like writer's block has an address. We can't lodge a complaint or call HR. It's a fucking ghost.
You can't fight it traditionally. All you can do is accept that your creative self is off in the Bahamas sipping a pink, angelic Sangria while the rest of you lays in wait, poised and pissed in the darknessfor its return.
Sometimes you can do little things like listen to music, or take a break...but sometimes that doesn't work.
You can't force yourself to create.
Just like you can't force yourself to work. You must really want to do it in order to perform effectively.
And suddenly...on the brink of madness and idea comes!
Eurika...I don't have to throw myself off a bridge, I can finally write.
In those dim moments where our minds shut off, all we have left are our basist instincts. And that can be scary. When everything that makes us incredible is gone...all we're left with is the ordinary.
Writer's block is just that...a block. A consequence to idle action. We feel badly about ourselves when we aren't working at our peak, and most of the time we're not, however; in the moments we feel like we're thrown into chaos...the best stuff can come out.
Nobody ever created a masterpiece out of a perfect day. There are always storms involved...blocks...problems. The struggle is half of the game.
So I guess we feel badly most of the time, but when those little spurts of inspiration and genius greet us in the darkness, all we should do is say, "hello, old friend...thanks for coming."

And join them in the light.

Yeah, writer's block suck and I've had it all day. Sometimes I have ideas, but I am just not sure how to organize them or communicate them./
you actually inspired me! i'm the one that is thankfull! i absolutly need to keep reading your thoughts!!
@BPF1916 thank you so much, yeah that's what I try to do with every piece, just use what's happening to try and make a bigger point. To me it's not worth it to lie about things and make them seem all shiny and perfect. If you're having a hard time, that's where the writing can help most.
@TessStevens exactly! I really like the way you did it taking an every day thing and just turning it into words by your perspective, describing and folowing the present feelings about it wile writing... i love that kind of writing. it makes it so truthfull and real. and you can take any simple thing to do it, you just need to know how to express it
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