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You will see her again. After six, seven, or was it eight months? You aren't sure. But you'll see them, today. Your mind will race the same way your heart does after drinking four too many cups of coffee. You won't have the ability to get any work done that day, either. You'll worry and listen to the same, old, sad songs you used to listen to. But she'll text you and even though you feel uneasy, you'll leave work to see them.
You'll talk. The way exes talk to each other. You won't look at each other in the eye at first and you'll speak candidly about the relationship you two once shared. You'll think of that final bench scene from 500 Days of Summer. You'll think about how both Summer and Tom had candid conversation about the way their relationship turned out.
But don't worry, neither of you are getting married. And neither of you probably will. This is sad, for a moment. But you continue to talk to them, smiling, listening -- and this time, really listening to them. You'll notice that the both of you still have a lot in common, almost everything actually. One of you will comment on this, make a sly joke. And the other will say,

But when we're together, we're toxic.

And, you know, that's true. The two of you have always made better friends than lovers. And maybe the weight of a relationship broke your respective backs a little bit. Maybe the weight was more than you could ever carry and probably, maybe you didn't help them carry the burden either.
You'll finish your meal and drag your feet back towards the office. Back to the chain around your desk that fits firmly around your ankle. You'll look down at your feet and wonder if you're heading in the right direction and you'll notice your ex-partner look down at their feet and you'll know they are wondering the same thing.
Not literally, of course. The two of you get along. You are so similar in so many ways and this afternoon reminded you of that. And it reminded them as well. But you both know the way things will turn out of you try it again. You tell them that you're sorry, the only way you know how. You quote a song they put on a mix for you almost four years ago:

Cause we are old friends you and I, many a time sat silent at my side. And if this is to be our last goodbye, I’ll take with me a part of you that never dies.

And that's true. For the both of you. The way you feel about your desk, the metaphorical chain, and your ankle is really the way you feel about your partner. The two of you will always be tied together and, for the first time, you'll try to look back on it happily.
I just texted an ex because I heard he was in New York...cue the crickets. This was great.
@TessStevens talking/texting exes is always a weird experience and they never really turn out the way you expect them to.