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Protestors are echoing a loud: “Ohhh Shell No!” to the Obama Administration. They recently granted approval for Shell to start drilling for oil in the Chukchi Sea, off the northwest coast of Alaska.
They are doing this, despite the fact there is a 75 per cent chance of "one or more large spills" happening if extensive drilling takes place across the Arctic.
This being said, the Alaskan coast guard is read and prepared for any oil spills that might occur because of Shell.
The cute mammals and sea creatures that might encounter the oil, well they are a bit less prepared for that...
@nicolejb My thoughts exactly! I just feel like we shouldn't willingly walk into something that is going to hurt animals and the environment. It should be a last resort. We should try every other option first!
Me too @JordanNash. I understand that we really don’t have a lot of resources for oil, but COME ON. Do we need to destroy our environment while looking for it?!
NOOOO! This is going to end badly, I can just feel it! This makes me really sad :(