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Forget working it into your thirties, or dressing chicly through middle age; these fabulous role models are working it well into their senior years. Let these stylish women and bold dressers inspire you to age gracefully with fashion as a lifelong partner.

Iris Apfel

93-year-old has slowly evolved from an interior designer with recognizable style into a major fashion icon. Her colorful get-ups and penchant for accessorizing never fail to get the attention of street style photographers, and, as an older woman who never gave into conventions of dressing, she's become a major role model for fashionable women of all ages.

Daphne Selfe

At 87, Selfe is the oldest fashion model, active or not, in the industry. Off-camera, her style is fashion-forward and chic, unafraid of luxe accessories and trendier pieces. Her long, grey hair is a fashion photorapher's dream, and it's often treated as her most fashionable accessory.

Lee Radziwill

Jackie Onassis' 82-year-old sister is quite the chic dresser on her own. She goes for clean-cut styles that flatter her petite frame, but isn't afraid of trying a bold print or wearing striking jewelry. Her signature chignon is both feminine and strong, and Radziwill's refusal to dress casually shows a fierce adherance to the laws of fashion that's both striking and admirable.

Carmen Dell'Orefice

Carmen Dell'Orefice is 84-years-old and her modeling game is still strong. Having modeled since age 15, she is currently the oldest working supermodel in the industry, making magazine covers and working as a muse to many designers and photographers who defy standards of age-appropriate dressing.
The last one looks like Cruella de Vil! SPOTS!!!
This is amazing. I had no idea there were still ladies this old killing the fashion game. So interesting
Yes! Love this card! These women are killing it and I love that they don't let age be a barrier to their fashion success
THIS is me 50yrs from now. These are some hott mamas. The first one scares me though!
@TerrecaRiley she's my favorite! I can see why she scares you though; she's kind of bird-like
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