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['LOVE ME RIGHT' MV EVENT] Dance Practice (Please excuse the profanity used. Can't help it...)
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Lay: OMFG WHAT DID YOU JUST DO TO ME!! STOP PLAYING WITH MY FEELINGS AND CALM YO HIPS, BOY!! Suho: HOW IN THE FUCKING WORLD DID YOU GET SOO FUCKING HOT AND IRRESISTIBLE?!?!?! TELL ME DUDE!!!! Kai: What can I say? We all know he's a fuckboy so I have not much to say lol Chanyeol: Did you get taller dude??? Or the shorts made you look taller? Or the camera angle???? ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!!! Kyungsoo: My heart...You know what you just did to me...?!? YOU LITTLE FUCKER!!!! Xiumin: Just stop getting hotter and sexier. It's too much for me already...just stop it... Baekhyun: Um........... Don't know what to say......... just be........ cutie Baekhyun? XD Chen: Improving your dancing I see XD keep it up! (don't know what to say either lol) Sehun: Where are you bro?!?!? Couldn't see you! ㅠㅠ Or I just didn't pay much attention, sowwy dude... 미안해요 Sorry it was long and like I said...excuse profanity used. Couldn't help it...
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