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I'm gonna start this card off with a song I found on Vingle thanks to @kpopandkimchi (you can find the card here: )
I absolutely LOVE this song! I think the beat is amazing and catchy, the lyrics are amazing, and the message is just... I love it so much. I think we can all relate to this song.
Another Jaejoong song? Yes!! I'm sorry lol but I can't just NOT include this song. It about killed me to not have it in the card last night!
Here we have the ever talented Mamoru Miyano!!
Why yes you clever person you.. there is something very different about this MV and this artist. Okay, now don't hate me, but the difference is.. he isn't Korean. This is a Japanese MV. I LOVE his voice.. don't laugh, but I heard it in an anime (Uta no Prince sama) and I HAD to look him up because his voice is just.. ugghhhh it's sexy. If you watch anime and you like musical ones, you might wanna look it up. :-)
Hyolyn X Jooyoung's song Erase (ft. IRON) :-) I LOVE this song, if you have been broken up with (and it wasn't a good feeling), this song really shows how that feels. Though I don't get why they both wanna be with each other buy they're both sad... JUST GET BACK TOGETHER, DAYAM! Lol sorry.
Here, have some G. Soul!! He was known as R. Kelly's protege in both South Korea and America before he officially debuted in South Korea! He also does a lot of covers of American songs :-)
Listening to his voice, it's no wonder he was deemed R. Kelly's protege, huh!!
Isn't he.. just.. ugghhhhh soooooo handsome!! Here we have Roh Ji Hoon! He is 11 days younger than me! 11 DAYS!!! And look at how much more successful he is than me.. ugghhhh you gotta be handsome and better than me in ever way.. such a good looking talented jerk <3 hahahaha
Whatchu think, huh huh huh? Amazing, right? Which is why he's on the bonus page!!! :-D
Okay, last one!! Here we have LEAD!! Notice something different about them as well, right? I'm sorry, I can't help it, but here is another Japanese group! J-Pop is just as awesome as K-Pop :-) Good looking, riiiiight?
Okay, I had a really hard time picking just ONE LEAD song!! There are so many great ones! Here you see four handsome men, right? I'm not sure what happened, but I think one of the members left? There are very old songs with four members, and newer songs with only 3, but the Wikipedia page says they started with three and recruited a fourth. Soooooo... lmao
@VixenViVi, this is the last for sure. I'm out of artists hahahaha what did you think? That first song I think is my favorite on this entire card. <3 He's so good looking and that song is just. Ugghhh I love it. :-)
@ErinGregory The sad life of a fan girl
@VixenViVi, aw really lol I listened to Japanese music before I listened to Korean, so maybe that's why I like both so much hahahaha and right!! So many acceptable guys, not ONE of them are in my life. :'(
@ErinGregory Japanese SHINee songs hurt my brain XD I have a long looonnngggg list of acceptable idols hahhaa
@VIxenViVi, hahahahaha yeah I like listening to songs in both languages if I can find it (I found the Japanese version of Shock before the Korean version, even though it's a Beast song and they're a Korean group lol). Park Jung Min is definitely very handsome!! Just ugghhh I need one of him or a Jaejoong in my life. Or a Roh Ji Hoon. Or a member of BIGBANG. I'm not picky at aallllllll. Lmfao!!
My legs just gave out! okay let's do this! He... who is that... and where can I get one.. That song was great ^^ Jaejoong is pretty and also that video was daebak That man has a good anime voice, I might have to watch it! Okay I loved this song and video, they song was sad but Sooooo pretty! Needs more rap... XD Okay OkayRoh Ji Hoon, Yesssss and more yesss and all the innuendo. Id punish him.... id tie him up... I damn sure wouldn't walk away from him. Side note that rope was way to loose XD J pop is good butbits weird hearing the j version of a k song I already know XD Lead is cute and the somg was good Soo Yayyayayyay more songs XD either punishment with Roh Ji Hoon or Erase was my favorite ^^