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If You Encounter Enemies, You're Going the Right Way

Okay, so maybe not 'enemies' outright, but obstacles. In life, you have no metric to measure your growth by if there are no obstacles for you to overcome. If there is a lack of obstacles, then you have reached a plateau in your life, and are therefore complacent.
You need obstacles. You need challenges. Otherwise, how can you determine your real strengths?

The Items You Acquire Now Will Be Necessary Later

In this sense, think about items as knowledge or skills. The things you learn as you grow as a human being will not always appear to have immediate value. It could be something in a classroom you learn, or real-life experiences that impart some nugget of information. Either way, sometimes we will find something out that we might not need to know just then.
Invariably, though, these skills and bits of knowledge will serve you in the future, in ways you couldn't account for. It's important to remember that always as you go forward.

Perseverance Leads to Growth

The only way to ever become good at something is to plug away at it. Games like Skyrim really make this point abundantly clear; the more you do something, the better at it you get. the better at it you get, the more you can enjoy doing it.
Simply by virtue of keeping up doing something, you will learn and be made better for it. So keep plugging away.

If Something Is Impassible, Come Back To It After Leveling Up

Sometimes you get to a point in your life where it looks like you just don't have the skills or information necessary to tackle whatever the problem is. This is fair, it happens. It doesn't mean you won't ever be able to do it. You have other stuff on your plate, so shelve this thing for now and come back to it later.
After some time away developing yourself, you might find that you have what you need to face this problem head-on.

Animals Have Money Inside of Them

When an animal dies, it will dispense money. Sometimes in the thousands! If you're low on cash, go kill a few pigeons!
(totally joking. kill rats instead.)
just as frogger taught us to be careful crossing the street...
Books tell you something. Movies show you something but games will let you do something.
awesome card! pretty cool how possible it is to extrapolate video game cliches into life lessons. come back after leveling up is my favorite one