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In search of animes to watch!
Hello Anime community!
I am looking for animes to watch and would love to hear your suggestions! Right now, I am in the process of watching One Piece and Death Parade. I'd prefer to watch a series that doesn't have hundreds of episodes, lol.
I like anything from Ouran to Gurren Lagann to Deathnote. So let me know what I should check out! ^_^
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NAD if you wish to get into KDramas I recommend Boys Before Flowers (Korean version also an anime), Personal Preference, Cunning Single Lady, To The Beautiful You, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Flower Boy Next Door, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Coffee Shop Prince, Rooftop Prince, Skip Beat (Also a fantastic anime), Nail Salon Paris, Panda and Hedgehog, and Destined to love you (Taiwanese version is better by far)
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Here are some good anime.. some are ongoing though. But I hope you'll like them. Kekkai Sensen Natsume Yuujinchou Show by Rock Shokugeki no Soma
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Daily Lives of High School Boys (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou) 『男子高校生の日常』 It's short but also very enjoyable〜♪(´ε` )
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@EllieDean Already super into KDramas lol (Been watching for over a year now) :D
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@nenegrint14 @kimikodragon @vanemunos @JustinaNguyen @ChibiFox @chandnip804 @sherrysahar @JaxomB @heyimkristyna @Rushee22 @CallmeEunni Thanks for the recommendations you guys! Now I just have to put together a list and start watching ^_^
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