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Gastro-Hedonism. Run Amok. Please and Thank You.

Ingredients to make these at home:
Store-bought angel food cake (already made in a loaf)
Vanilla frosting (baking aisle, top shelf)
Powdered sugar
Fresh lime zest
Cut the cake into bite-size cubes. No need to measure. Just eyeball it.
Dunk pieces into tequila. In and out. The longer it sits, the stronger the bite.
Fill a pot 2" of cooking/frying oil. Raise temperature so the oil is 350*F. (A thermometer would be great right about now.)
Fry the juicy nuggets until they are golden brown on all sides. (There are 6 sides to cubes, fyi.)
Let them cool a bit and de-grease on some paper towels.
Rim rocks glasses in the vanilla icing. Sprinkle rims with lime zest. Fill glass with tequila cubes and dust with powdered sugar.
This sounds so good!
Mmmmmmmmmm. At first, I was skeptical, but once I read through – I need one of these. Or five. Immediately.
Me too