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Fashion-forward mothers take note: your children can be just as stylish as you! For other fashionistas who want to get in on the indulgent trend of fashion for young children, consider these lines next time you have to go to a baby shower or get a gift for your family-oriented friends.

Mid-price: Crew Cuts from J. Crew

For parents who want their children to look like adorable executives or preppy garden party attendees, Crew Cuts is for you. The prices are a little steeper when you realize that the children in question will likely outgrow these adorable garments in months, but they sure are pretty damn cute.

Lower price: American Apparel

Okay, we all know the American Apparel brand so well, so it's pretty adorable to see small children and babies dressing exactly like the common American hipster in these digs. No bodycon dresses are stocked in this section, luckily, but plenty of stripes and raglans and skater skirts for your mini-me.

Higher price: Stella McCartney Kids

These designer digs are a bit of a splurge for ever-growing children, but they sure are cool. Stella seamlessly translates her design aesthetic into clothing appropriate for kids, playing up her penchant for bold and poppy prints into child-friendly fashion.

Mid-price: Kate Spade New York for GapKids.

If you thought Crew Cuts was adorably preppy, Kate Spade's collection for Gap Kids makes exactly what you might dress a small girl in to wear to tea at the Plaza. Definitely not appropriate playground material, but these girly concoctions are still cute.

Lower Price: H&M Kids

For the trendiest kids whose parents don't feel like spending the big bucks for something that will just get a few wears, H&M Kids is for you. The adorably trendy incarnations of styles for children are priced so modestly that your small children can be fashionistas on a budget, too.

Higher Price: Gucci Kids.

For seriously designer-happy parents who don't mind shelling out bigger bucks on transient fashions, Gucci Kids is the label for you. Who knew designer shoes and bags came in such small sizes? Spending this much on children might seem crazy, but you do have to admit that the little boy in the second picture is pretty stylish.
I wonder what designer Harper Beckham wears?