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So it seems as though it's become a tradition that this board gets modified at least once over winter and summer break ever since first semester, oh what a journey it has been, and I do believe it is far from over
I do have another idea in mind for it's next deck but for the last year I haven't been able to bring myself to retire it after it's been through so much and been holding so strong. I don't know I hate the idea of ditching something that I was able to create and successfully keep alive, you know? I'm too proud haha
I really dig the creative genious behind running 8 wheels on sidewinders, but what's the deal with the frankendeck?
It has been a long, strange adventure for this board. It started well but do to lack of support I accidently snapped it and then lost the broken pieces. When I added the new supports I decided I wanted a tail and now after another year I decided it needed it's newest upgrade, 8 wheels and it is beautiful!
Why. Just why...