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Shoutout to @skee292 for challenging us to write about someone you miss.
We were never a normal couple. We lived worlds and miles apart. You were always busy at work and I was focused on making my dreams come true. But one text from you and it all seemed too normal. I could feel myself falling into the normal holding-hands, kissing-on-the-cheek couple. I felt we could lay in a park for hours and just blend in with all the other couples. There was something so normal about how we could talk sometimes.
And then, as fast as it came, it vanished. We went back to the not-so-normal two people who were worlds apart. Yes, our paths had met for a brief moment in time, but my path was a smooth, worn dirt forest trail and yours was full of dangerous, jagged rocks and ditches. There was no way I could survive in your world. And you would be bored in mine.
And no matter how much I knew that, there was nothing that could stop be from dreaming that we could be normal. That we could cuddle on a Friday night watching marathons of your favorite TV show. That we could plan a fun road trip to the beach for a weekend. That we could spend a day chatting and laughing over cheap food.
In a world where everyone wants to be different, I just wanted to be normal.
With you.
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Ugh this gave me ALL the feels! @JordanNash thank you so much for participating! This card was incredibly heartbreakingly beautiful.