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My friend is a huge Exo fan, and she thinks I don't post enough things about EXO! And I love them, so why not? Lessa go!
A bit of Chanyeol to start us off (every time I see his name I remember that picture saying "Disney Chanyeol").
Lay, my personal bias. :3
My friend's ultimate bias, Kai!
Chen- oooooh look at that face!! (And I recently learned by tablet corrects chem as in chemistry, to Chen. Looks like I'll major in Chen instead) 😁
Xiumin- Probably the prettiest one in the group in my opinion! Eyebrows always on point!
Kyungsoo- Eyebrows less on point, but that doesn't matter. Can't forget about this dude!
Sehun- The one that I feel definitely does NOT look like the maknae of the group! He looks older than most of them in my opinion.
Suho- this dude used to be my bias. Then somehow Lay came and crushed that. Idk exactly how that happened, but he's still definitely one of my favorites. 😁
Last but definitely not least, we have Baekhyun!!
It's really hard to find photos of just the current nine of them lol. Sorry I left out Tao and Luhan and Kris if they were your favorites; I'm trying to keep things current. :)