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[This card is in response to @skee292’s card: A Letter To Someone You Miss. Thanks for the inspiration!]

Dear Best Friend,

I know you are on your honeymoon, but like could you not? Every time I pick up my phone and look for your name in my favorites, I remember that I shouldn't bug someone on their honeymoon. And I get a little sad. But every day is a struggle for me not being able to call you and tell you about my boy troubles or my roommate troubles, or even the stupid stuff like what I ate for lunch or how I discovered this new folk band that isn’t your thing, but I’ll probably show you anyway.
And yeah, I shouldn’t be angry at you for being awesome and married and happy and out there living your life. But a part of me is sorta angry. And I really hate that I feel that way because you are my best friend, you know? I just want you to be happy biking in Amsterdam and bungee jumping in the Alps.
I guess I just realized something: It’s that I’m sorta dependent on you. Even though I have friends here, people to talk about my feelings too. You’re the one person I want right now. The one person that knows me almost as much as I know myself.
You know just how to calm me down when I overthink, you know how to listen to me ramble about petty boy drama, and you know just what to say. Even though your responses usually go something like: “I think you just need ice-cream.” or “You are being silly.”
And then we laugh and my whole world seems brighter (as cliche as that is). And I miss that now. I need that now. Seriously, come back. But you know, have fun on your honeymoon.

Your Best Friend

Thanks for the support! @BPF1916
@nicolejb as it always should ^-^ thank you for writing this!
Thank you so much @BPF1916 :) It came from the heart
I loved this so much... I can't even describe how well writing is this card!
@nicolejb you're totally welcome!