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Before there was just 5 member ,there was 6 trainees
SO-1 aka Jang Hyun-seung
T.O.P aka Choi Seung-hyun
Tae Yang aka Dong Young-bae
G-Dragon aka Kwon Ji-yong
Seungri aka Lee Seung-hyun
Daesung aka Kang Dae-seong
As we watch them grow we witness some things like
*Youngbae (tae ) considers GD his biggest competiton
*The staff felt that Daesung wasn't someone they would normally choose, and referred to him as "the ugliest one"
*SO-1, who was eventually cut from the group, was actually the first member to be placed in the group
*TOP basically talks about how weak he is in dancing
*Seungri claims dancing as his strongest point
*GD and TY had contracts signed with YG before any of the others.
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I miss BigBang TV!