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Regarding her past dating rumor with BTS's Jin, which was brought up by the MCs, she explained that she had been dating a trainee in the past who was six years her junior.  "Jo Se Ho had never seen my boyfriend," she continued, "yet he said on TV that my boyfriend had been a very good-looking idol trainee, but in the articles that went out, he had just become an idol [rather than an idol trainee].  Then the idols around me whom I was close to and that were six years younger than me became targeted.  For over four years, I had been close to him, so when he debuted, I even went to 'Music Core' to support him.  BTS's Jin.  We're very close.  In the 'Thanks' section, he left like three lines saying, 'Thanks Lee Kuk Ju,' in the album.  The fans put together the three lines and was reminded I had went on 'Music Core.'  He had also wrote that his ideal type was a chubby woman." 
i never knew anything about this rumor but omg i love it, and Jin just made me so happy!!! lol
OMG. JIN!!!!! (♡゚▽゚♡) This actually made me feel SO MUCH BETTER about myself. No kidding. For a majority of my life, I've been criticized for my weight, so hearing that an idol actually appreciates a curvier woman, it makes me feel a lot better about myself as a person. I actually have some hope..... lol. :)
I love Lee Guk Ju. Credit to Jin for being honest about what is attractive to him. @StephanieDuong Every human being is beautifully and wonderfully made. Every human is a work of art. Speaking as someone that used to weigh 309, I totally understand where you are coming from. What I've learned is that you've gotta do your own cheerleading even when your mind says otherwise. Don't internalize any negativity directed towards. Forgive every hurt. Fall in love with how awesomely you are created more and more everyday. When you feel better and think better you'll see better. You're a master piece and a work of art. Validate that within yourself and pay it forward by doing it for others.
all women are beautiful and im so happy to finally see an idol actually say they like chubby women too.... 😍 we will all find asian love lol
omg jin <3 lol does this mean theres hope for me XD
Omg, I guess there's no need to lose weight XD
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