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Kpop fan meets favorite kpop group..

So can you imagine meeting your favorite kpop group one day just randomly?
I think I may be slightly creepy.
but then I'd try to impress them with my awesome sexiness, just like Rap Monster is demonstrating.
I feel like I would do the same, but i would get super starstruck!@KatieWarren
I would fangirl and tell them how thankful I am to them and how I will always support them and say they're handsome and charming lol
When I meet Danny Ahn I was so out of it, I asked him for a picture but didn't have my phone with me ... biggest regret
I would stare for a few moments then thank them for what they've done for me and then proceed to ask for a hug.
Not gonna lie...that second pic scared the daylights out of me lol
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