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I specifically chose this song for today because just witnessed a senario like this. :( It was quite dishearting to see something like that happen especially to someone I call my friend but congratulations to the couple :) But todays SOTD is avfually quite a sad song but I do hope you enjoy it. So make sure to check it out. And if you like it make sure to also check out the Band that Taeyang is in (Big Bang). You might like them too and become a VIP :P
Okay guys i literally just found the English version of this song thanks to @DannyNeders :)
( Yea its 2015 and im just now realizing that there is an english version lol)
But let me know down below if you like the original or the english version better <3
See you later in the K-pop community, bye :)
yeah, it's also amazing as the korean verson. I believe Taeyang sings the english verson too @AkiraCondry
@DannyNeders I can honestly say that I haven't, but I'll make sure to look it up and possibly even add it to this card so other people who haven't seen it can watch it too :)
this song was like one of the first songs I heard of his and I really loved it. even if it's sad I love and when I get married somtime in this lifetime i plan on using this song
Breaks my heart everytime I watch the video
have you listened to the english version? @AkiraCondry