His from the drama The Lover!!!!! Who else watches it. I like his relationship with the Japanese guy.
Well hello there ;-D !
AHHHHHH I LOVED HIM IN THE LOVER LOL. He had a gay relationship with Takuya terada on the show it was really sweet~♡
*raises hand* ME ME ME IM WATCHING 😄😄😄 I love it too from the yaoi bromance thing to the cute couple banter and flirting.
@RochelleDiamond Yeeeee~ I love the bromance too!!!!!! from the moment the Japanese guy walked in i was like this two arw going to have something going on XD.
Every scene with them is just sooooo cute and so awkward, then it gets all real and depressing towards the end. Takuya Terada was so good in this role and so was Lee Joon Jae, it was PERFECT XD