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Gotta love the words by French poet, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore. She writes, "Two hears in love need no words." And that's because by this time, you're able to communicate without saying a word.
It's that glance across the room. It's the kind of kiss that says, 'I've always known you.' It's the warm and sticky embrace on a hot summer day. It's sharing a meal in the middle of a fight. It's getting your way because you're loved, not because you're awesome. It's two people who know exactly what the other person is thinking. It's the ticklish spark between the two of you in the rain on the corner of blah and mundane.
I wish the absolute best for all the brides and grooms out there who have met their match, their soulmate, their truest love of all. For those who are either single or mingling (as @Allischaaff wrote in her card here), I wish you a life full of joy and contentment. And to those whose hearts are heavy, pining for love, I wish to offer hope that the miracle of love finds you, keeps you and surprises you without measure.
Be ever so blessed in your journey of living, life and love.
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This is awesome :) at first I was going to be like @marshalledgar, you secret sap!! But then I read it and it totally melted my heart :) such a good depiction of love. Especially those hot sweaty hugs, where you don't mind the sweat because you love that person so much :)