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Layers upon layers of ruffles for this summertime sombre wedding cake is absolutely beautiful and couldn't be more perfect. Yet somehow, it achieves to best itself with the addition of a cake topper consisting of two mason jars filled with lemonade!
Now, the real question on my mind is one of TRUTH. I want the truth in the topper. Is it for real? Are there really two mason jars full of freshly squeezed lemonade? Or...are we looking at the wonder of cake artistry here? With all the mechanics required to keep two heavy mason jars from destroying a cake, I know it can be done, but would you risk it?
Obviously, I am not a cake baker, maker, artist, extraordinaire....
But I really want to know. The cake was created by Wendy Woo Cakes (in Orlando, Florida). I visited her website and found this cake, yet without any spilled secrets to how this was done.
Better, I suppose, to love it and wonder, than to know all the tricks of the trade and spoil the awe.
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I hope they're real!! Because this cake is GORGEOUS. Love the ruffles!! :D
That would be cool @allischaaff. They cut the cake and slurp some hard lemonade. :)