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The School of Styling is, in their words, "a community for creative individuals looking to deepen their knowledge of business and gain experience styling, no matter their profession." How utterly fabulous is that?! The for-women-by-women intensive, is a three-day workshop that is hosted only twice each year at their Los Angeles and Charleston locations.
Whether you're a somebody or a nobody in or out of business, but thrive in creative environments, this is for you. It's a safe place to build real-world skills in business, art direction and creativity. It's also a place to build long-lasting relationships with peers, friends and life-long mentors. It's a training program that takes what you already know and expands upon it. It also endows students with knowledge, expertise and learned wisdom in fields of study that students may not already know.
With 13 in-depth classes, that are taught over three days, your investment (without hotel accommodations) of $2,350 is a small price to pay for career-making moves on your part and a future of groundbreaking possibility. Do you have any idea just how badly I WANT TO GO?!?!?!
If this is of interest to you, then I encourage you to sign up for their newsletter, which will give you first dibs on the 2016 announcements for dates and locations, which have yet to be disclosed. You can visit them online by their namesake, The School Of Styling.
Let me know if you enroll for 2016! Tell me all about it!
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This sounds awesome!!!