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The Ritz Carlton was scene to a luxury all-white wedding last weekend. And what a stunning event!
Overlooking the bluff into the Pacific, the grounds were turned into a pristine wash of white as the rich green grounds were covered in all manner of tufted furniture, drapery and stunning white florals. Designed by the Square Root Designs team, the wedding was a hit with the bride and groom, who had always dreamt of a Pacific Coast wedding. With the sun, sand, surf and activity of people in the background, this super luxe wedding was a dream come true.
Have you been dreaming of the same kind of wedding? Are you looking for that 'beach wedding' without being on the beach itself? This could be the answer you've been waiting for. How many luxury resorts are on (or overlook) the coast? How many miles of coast land, all across the globe, can give you this type of experience? You need not only come to California for this.
Know what you want. Know what you want your wedding experience to 'feel like.' Give all this information to your planner and design team, and let them make your dreams come true! It's so possible!